Application for the servant leadership 1 program is completely free of charge. After application, selected candidates will receive email/text notifications to inform them of their status and be invited to register. The registration fee will be communicated to applicants upon launching of a new session depending on availability or not of discounts and sponsors.

The number of admissible candidates for each training session is limited at thirty (30). Any qualified candidates that cannot be part of a session will be informed and invited to take part in the next session.

Admitted candidates are required to fulfill their registration requirements (non-refundable) at least 5 days to the start of the session to guarantee to keep their spot.

Our selection criteria is fair and without prejudice of any form and by our privacy policy, we reserve the right to admit or reject applications based on our admission policies in line with our vision and objectives.

Training will be 100% on site in chosen locations locally in Cameroon🇨🇲 till January 2022 while we work on setting up online training platforms and also translate training material to other languages.

If you fully understand the above instructions you can proceed to to be part of the next batch of servant leaders apply now